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Child theme possible?

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    Is it possible to create a child theme? I need to change the date formats to US format (November 16, 2015) but that involves editing template files. I tried a standard child theme using WordPress instructions but ran into problems with the functions require_once for the theme style sheet, template options, wp_bootstrap_navwalker and such. Thanks!

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    Frederic Beck

    Suggestion for improvement:
    Rather than hardcoding the display format of dates and times, the theme should either make use of the date and time format setting in options-general.php, or even better allow the user’s browser to display it according to operating system’s region and language settings – if this can be done in WordPress.

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    Luke Oatham

    I’m currently working through the theme making it ready for translation. After this I will standardise the dates so that they pick up the format from general settings.

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    Thanks, I’ve had the v3 theme running with one client for a year and a half, getting ready to upgrade them to v4, and also working on a site for a new client. The theme is great, and especially the continuous incremental improvements. So glad I found this last year!

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