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      aaron robb

      Hi, i have an install of this theme and having a weird issue where categories are showing counts and showing in the front end, but there are no tasks under them.

      Even in the list of categories in the back end, it’ll show a number, but when you click on it, there is nothing there.

      Is this a known issue?

      Any ideas how to fix?

      I’m assuming the category previously had tasks under it but they were removed/deleted and the number just didn’t go away.


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      Eduardo Berner

      We have the same issue.

    • #3292
      Luke Oatham

      Do you have any documents in the media library using these category terms? Or Projects?

    • #3293
      aaron robb

      Hmmm never thought to look in the media categories.
      I’ll check that and let you know.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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