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allowing users to rate content, and provide feedback

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    Stuart Brameld

    Hello, and happy new year to everyone.

    We’ve just starting looking into the best way to allow users to rate content, and submit requests for updates. Things like:

    – allow users to rate content (thumbs up/down, or star rating)
    – allow users to leave comments on content (for improvements)
    – allow authors to view this feedback

    Just wondering what others are doing here, what you may have found works well/not so well, what users engage with etc?

    We are using GravityForms, so I’m currently thinking of using the survey add-on which saves adding another plugin. That allows us to collect star ratings, comments etc. With some additional code it looks like sending email notifications to the author of the post is also possible.

    Would be interested to know what others have done here, and how you manage this content rating/feedback process.

    Many Thanks

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    Luke Oatham

    We’ve used “Love it pro” plugin
    This allows users to like posts and will be visible to other users. However, it doesn’t work with forums and so we’ve had to use another plugin for forums:

    Using gravity forms for ratings or likes won’t allow other users to see the results on the front end.

    I would like, in time, to have this feature built into GovIntranet so that we can make use of the data internally.

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