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      aaron robb

      Quick note here.
      With the events ‘Add to Calendar’ option, when you’re using IE (since local governments can’t seem to figure out Chrome), the ‘ICal’ and ‘Outlook’ options don’t work.
      They just seem to bring up another window and nothing is downloaded/opened.
      The links for gmail and yahoo seem to work. And it does work on Chrome.

      Is there a fix for this at all? Force download of ics file or something?


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      aaron robb

      Ok, so looking into it, IE doesn’t like the ics format…
      People are suggesting to use the following php to call the proper type in the headers:

      header(‘Content-Type: text/calendar; charset=utf-8’);
      header(‘Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”calendar.ics”; ‘);

      I haven’t tested yet, but i’m wondering if on single event pages, we can add this to the header and it may recognize it?? I’m not totally sure yet though…

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      Avatar photoISD BOL

      Hi Aaron,
      Having the same problem here with IE and adding items to Outlook Calender.
      Does the PHP-solution solve the problem? If so, could you please elaborate a bit on that. I don’t really understand how this PHP-stuff works 🙂
      Thanks, Pascal

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