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add a home page link the the header logo

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    Andrew S


    I am using a logo on the home page – however I can not seem to add a link to the logo to make it return to the homepage – a link is not an option in the edit menu

    I tried when I upload the image to add a url here – but its not honoured

    I have a child theme, and copied header.php in to that for experimentation but no luck, despite quite a bit of digging

    is there an easy way to get the logo bar to link back to the home page?

    I feel I am missing something incredibly simple yet again.
    thank you in advance

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    Matthew Jasek

    Hey Andrew,

    I had the same issue after updating. It’s not a clean fix but in your header.php you can wrap a link around the div with the ID of crownlink

    Hopefuly this get’s updated in the theme at some point however it’s a small bug for such a great theme!

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    Andrew S

    Hi Matthew

    thanks for the response, could you be a more explicit as I am new to this, I have had a good look at the headers php, can see the div for crownlink, but I am unclear as to how to code the link ? had a few trial goes with no success.
    thank you in advance

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    Luke Oatham

    Thanks for spotting!

    This bug has crept in as the theme moves towards using the customiser. If you hide the site title in the header, the hyperlink hides too. For now, using a textual site title will include the homepage link.

    I’m working on the custom logo next in the customiser which will include the hyperlink.

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    Matthew Jasek

    Hi Andrew,


    <a href="">

    before this piece of code

    <div id="crownlink">

    then close the tag with


    Thanks for the update Luke, much appreciated.

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    Andrew S

    thanks for that Matthew – I have tried but its not liking me for some reason, we can pop back to something more standard for now – I am happy to wait for Luke’s update and also thanks Luke for the update on the customiser

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