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      Stuart Brameld

      Hi All,

      A relatively new user of GovIntranet here.

      We have deployed GovIntranet for an enterprise client that requires Active Directory integration in future, and spent a lot of time investigating the best way of achieving this.

      The main challenges here are:

      1) A lot of the current offerings are incredibly expensive as are priced per user

      2) They are cloud offerings, which introduce a whole range of security concerns for enterprise clients

      3) They tend to actually have very little in-house WordPress expertise on their development/product teams

      In the end, we sponsored the developers behind the popular Active Directory Integration plugin ( to extend it in order to provide single sign-on capabilities.

      The new plugin (NextADI) is now publicly available in the plugins repository, and a new website for it has just been released. I thought this might be of interest to some other GovIntranet users.

      Next Active Directory Integration

      Many thanks

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      Thanks for sponsoring this plugin Stuart. We installed this plugin this week and finally have AD working on our intranet. Just a few kinks to work out but getting there.

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      Stuart Brameld

      Hi Pam – that’s great news, thanks for letting me know.

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