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      aaron robb

      I updated to the latest theme and it seems to have broken the ‘How Do I’ page…
      Now just getting a 500 error.
      Strange since the rest of the site works.
      And i tested the Classic and Alt version of that page’s template, but still the 500….Which makes me think its a function error possibly? I havn’t touched the functions in a while though…

      Any ideas? Unfortunately the site has all outside IPs blocked, so I can’t send a link….

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      aaron robb

      Fixed. PHP Memory Limit issue. For some reason was only bringing that page down.

      Probably due to the number of tags shown (its a lot).
      On that note, can we limit the tags to the top 20 or something like that?

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      Luke Oatham

      Glad you found the cause. Yes, that’s a lot of tags!

      There’s an option in the Tasks Module settings to show only tags for tasks and guides. If you uncheck this, you’ll get the regular WordPress tag-cloud which limits the no. of tags.

      I’ll see about putting some limits on the custom tag list.

      To make best use of tags with this theme and avoid unruly tag lists, treat them as cross-cutting mini-categories rather than keywords. See http://intranetdiary.co.uk/2014/01/tags-vs-keywords/

Viewing 2 reply threads
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