Learn about the intranet options Guide

5. Modules

Turn on modules as required. For each module that you select, you’ll need to specify a main page, so make sure that you’ve already created pages before setting up your modules.

If checked, will display a plain tag cloud showing only tags found in tasks and guides. Tags appear as buttons.

If unchecked, will display a conventional tag cloud using tags from the whole intranet in variable font sizes, indicating volume of content.


Turn on functionality to allow accordion chapters with a task or a page of a guide.

Start with tags open

Expands the contextual block of tags by default in How do I? category pages.

Change past events to draft status

Automatically change post status for past events to draft status.

Google API key

You must obtain a developer API key in order to use Google Maps functionality within events.

Enable user account (forum) support

If switched on, links to the forums will appear at appropriate places on the homepage, search results. Links to users will link to their forum profile using /staff/username/ for bbPress, and /members/username/ for BuddyPress. If switched off, links to users will link to /author/username/ which lists their posts.

Show hyperlinks on staff cards

If checked, staff cards in the staff directory will show individual links to email, staff profile etc. Otherwise, the whole card is clickable.

Show circular avatars

If set, shows a circular avatar for staff in the staff directory and profile listings. Only available on modern browsers.

Show grades on staff cards

If set, will display staff grade as a badge on the staff directory index card.

Show mobile on staff cards

If set, will display mobile phone details on the staff directory index card.

Add a “My Profile” link to the secondary menu if user is logged in.

Show login/logout link

Add a “Login” or “Logout” link to the secondary menu.