Changes and new features in version 4 Guide

3. Version 4 Tasks and guides


Tags within the How do I? section are now shown contextually. The main How do I? page shows just tags for tasks and guides.

When viewing a task category, there is a dropdown button for tags in the main content area. When revealed, this area shows just tags for the category. Tags take on the category colours. Selecting a tag will display tasks and guides within the category with that tag.

This method of navigation is designed to help staff get to information faster by narrowing down their choices and showing fewer results, and less likelihood of having to page through results.

There is an option to display the version 3 tag cloud in Options, Modules, Tasks.


Categories are now only available for tasks and guides and do not support news.

The templates support hierarchical categories which can help with larger sections of content such as HR or for specific groupings of content within a category such as different buildings within the Facilities section.


Setting up guides has reverted to core WordPress functionality of specifying a parent post and an order. You no longer have to specify child chapters etc. The theme will now allow you to select parent pages in draft status so that you can create guides completely in draft before publishing.