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Luke, you are correct. I had the wrong data in the view ID / profile ID field. I updated my information, still not working. I will check a few more settings.

By the way, I suggest you update the First Time Install section as follows:

[Warning! the HT Most Popular plugin will break if you don’t get your Google Analytics information correct.
Setting up Google Analytics:
Set up your Analytics profile
>Note your “Tracking-ID”. Copy the google tracking code (from google analytics: Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code) into the general intranet settings google tracking code box.
>Copy your “View-ID”, which is different from the tracking ID. (View-ID was formerly the profile-ID). Click on the “view settings” section of your Google Analytics profile to get the “View-ID”. past this code on the General Intranet Settings Profile ID (note – you should update that to view ID on your theme).
>If you use 2-step verification on your Google account, you’ll need to create a new manual rule.]