Setup GovIntranet for the first time Guide

2. Install plugins

In WordPress, activate the following Helpful Technology plugins as required:

  • HT About this page
  • HT A to Z
  • HT Events listing
  • HT Feature news
  • HT Feature blogposts
  • HT Feedback
  • HT How do I?
  • HT Intraverts
  • HT Most active
  • HT Most recent
  • HT Need to know
  • HT Search autocomplete (customised plugin)
  • HT Profile nudge
  • HT Vacancy listing

Do not activate any GovIntranet upgrade plugins if you are installing for the first time.

There are two versions of the HT Intraverts plugin. The ajax version is designed for intranets with caching as the widget displays after pages are loaded. The regular version is not suitable for intranets with caching. Please only install and activate one of them.

Download, install and activate the following WordPress plugins:


Recommended (integrated with the theme)


Forum and staff directory support