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Feature a video in a news story Task

We recommend the Video Thumbnails plugin to integrate with news stories.

Just copy the URL from the YouTube or Vimeo page that you want to embed, then paste into your news post content.

When you publish the post, the plugin will generate a thumbnail from the video to use in listings.

If a post has an embedded video, then the individual news story page will not show a featured image at the top of the page. This is to stop a duplicated image of the video that will already appear on the page.

You can also choose your own featured image.

Play video in listings

To show a playable video in news listings instead of an image, change the post format to Video. This will display an additional field for you to enter the URL of the video. When this video features in top position in the Feature news widget or on the news page, staff can play the video directly.

Video post format