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Add or edit a guide Task

You setup guides in the same way as tasks, with the following differences:

Page title

You can use square brackets in the page title to group pages together. The text within square brackets will not appear on the staff-facing intranet and is only visible in the backend of WordPress.


When entering titles, WordPress will create a URL permalink from the text of the heading. For guides that use square brackets, you will need to amend the permalink to be just the name of the individual chapter as shown in these examples.

Appearance in search

You may want to stop certain chapters from appearing in general search results, preferring that staff view the main guide chapter first. To stop individual chapters from appearing in search results click the Relevanssi option box at the bottom of the guide in WordPress.

More fields

For individual chapters (not page one) you’ll need to specify the parent guide by typing the name of the page into the parent guide box and choosing from the list.

When you have entered all chapters for a guide you can return to page one of the guide to check the order of the chapters in the children chapters box and you can change the order of the chapters using drag and drop within the box.