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I love all the work you’ve done! Thank you. I built a static intranet in html using the Gov.UK’s code, and I have hundreds of static pages. Our company has 20 employees and I want the intranet become more useful. Your tool will help me focus on what needs to get done – articles being written online.

Your setup instructions were fairly understandable. However, I have some issues with the site.
(1) I couldn’t create custom permalinks as instructed with “about/projects” and “about/vacancies” because wordpress won’t let me. It removes the slash. What do I need to change?
(2) My categories are not working properly. The link does not work. My category links to “” – but that goes nowhere. If I do a blank search, it returns entries in archives. I can click on a task and go to my recommend a lawyer page, which is evidently in a category, but that category page won’t load.

Take a look –


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