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Avatar photoDavid Butt

Hi Matty – another good thought.

So, I’ve just got the ‘old’ ACF plugin from the zip file and put it back on the site, replacing the ‘current’ ACF plugin folder. WordPress then reported it as having 5.5.9 installed rather than 5.5.14. Still no joy, I’m afraid. I’ve now swopped it back with the latest version.

And odder…

You also made me think. So I did the same with the feature news widget – restoring the old version back. And again, it still showed the wrong date…and I checked I’d cleared the cache…and I swapped it back.

But worse…that made me think even more.

I’ve solved it but I don’t know why it worked. By changing the clock date format on the server – we run it on Windows Server. I changed it from MM/D/YYYY (I didn’t build it, OK?) to DD/MM/YYYY. A new news item then worked perfectly leaving the old two as wrong. I’m not sure if this actually did it because that makes no sense as it was right and then wrong without the date format having been changed on the server.

Who knows? But thanks for getting involved.