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Luke Oatham

An update on this. I’ve been researching several different calendar plugins. It appears that most calendar plugins that use the events post type will have the date appear as December 31, 1969 when looking at an individual event. I have determined that it is a theme conflict as when I change the theme to the 2016 the issue goes away. Examples are Events Manager and Events Organiser (as well as the Events Maker with which I started testing).

I do have the built-in events module turned off, although I still see the events templates available for pages.

The only two that I found that appears to create a custom post type and does not show the date incorrectly is The Event Calendar by Modern Tribe and All in One Calendar. We are looking for recurring appointments and this would require the pro version for either one.

There are several plugins that do not have the date issue. These appear to not use a custom post type but create their own tables. Two examples are Events Made Easy and Event Espresso.

Has anyone else experienced this? What are you using for events/calendars? I’m needing to do recurring events. Also hoping to do event registration in the future.

Does anyone have thoughts on where to tweak the event template so that we can get the date on individual events to show correctly? I already have a child theme started. I’m starting to think I will just have to go with what is compatible with the theme.

I have attached several screenshots that show an example of the date appearing incorrectly. In this case I was using Event Manager as the events plugin.

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