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Michael Link

After I posted this I found another post that reminded me the code would be in a plug-in. Sure enough it’s in the ht-feature-news plugin. (see below). My sub-question now is how do I modify a plug-in so that my changes are not overwritten by an update. I know how to do child themes, are there child plugins? 🙂

for ($i = 1; $i <= $totalstories; $i++) {
if ($i <= $largeitems) {
$newsgrid[] = “L”;
elseif ($i <= $largeitems + $mediumitems) {
$newsgrid[] = “M”;
elseif ($i <= $largeitems + $mediumitems + $thumbnailitems) {
$newsgrid[] = “T”;
elseif ($i <= $largeitems + $mediumitems + $thumbnailitems + $listitems) {
$newsgrid[] = “Li”;