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Gavin McMenemy

No, no data lost! I was dreading the idea of porting the data over to a new installation.

As far as the search form is concerned:

We’re using an installation on IIS (currently running Server 2008 r2).

    We have custom permalinks. (but they are nothing special)
    Our intranet url would be
    The installation directory is \\server\inetpub\intranet
    What we’re finding is that the search doesn’t truncate the returned url properly.
    So I search for “ICT”, the default searchform returns
    Rather than

Search is the only place we see this issue.

To fix it I dug around a little in the wordpress codex and the [useless!] wordpress forums and found that I could “force” the correct string out of PHP.

In searchform.php I found this: action=”<?php echo home_url( ‘/’ ); ?>”>
Which I changed to action=””>

It works a treat. Although because it’s hardcoded I have to make the change if we change the theme or whatever.

We’ve also inserted our own Login link to facilitate user’s signing in.

Hope that’s of some use. Let me know if you want me to explain or expand anything.