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Gavin McMenemy

Hi Luke,

We’re still having issues here.

Got the WSOD again today. As such I’m about to force the site back to twenty sixteen again. I’ve attached an image which I hope will illustrate matters.

I’m not sure what the error is telling me. Clearly we have an issue where where a parent-child theme relationship has broken. Looking at the WP codex it suggests child themes should be in a separate folder but as I’ve not seen this behaviour with this theme can I assume that this is a red herring?

Inside the themes folder I have 4 themes:


and a dump of the govintranet-master folder from your zip.

But looking at the Themes section for the site I can only see the active theme – not a list of all themes.

What my gut tells me is that this is a DB issue but to be honest I am not sure where to start and accept I might be wrong.

fyi: the version of Govintranet we have is the version from the last time we spoke (v4.29).

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