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Frederic Beck

I have set up a development site to prepare an Intranet for my employer. While I can create most of the content in German, many phrases are hard coded in English (“Search”, “Search in:”, “Browse by category”, “Browse by tag”, also the name of the month in the little calendar pictogram “OCT”, etc.).

Also, post and event dates seem to display as “j M Y” or “l j M Y g:ia”, ignoring the setting under General Settings. However, dates and times for comments display according to this setting. I typically use “Y-m-d H:i”.

For the meantime I’m toying with the idea of making a child theme and changing all the English phrases into German, but then I was thinking that just about the same amount of effort could turn this theme translation-ready for anyone.

I would like to help with internationalizing this theme. How do I start?