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Luke Oatham

I’ve uploaded a rough and ready importer plugin that I’ve used before, which you can adapt as necessary. There are 2 importers, a simple team importer to run first, and a user importer to run second which can tie into the teams.
This requires you to create 2 spreadsheets using columns as specified below, export each spreadsheet to a CSV file, open the CSV in a TEXT EDITOR, copy the rows and paste into the converter (found under Tools). Don’t leave a blank at the end of the pasted contents.

// [0] team name
// [1] parent name

// [0] first_name
// [1] last_name
// [2] Nickname
// [3] Team name
// [4] Email
// [5] Phone
// [6] Mobile
// [7] Working pattern
// [8] Job title
// [9] Role/bio
// [10] Line manager
// [11] Skills
// [12] More bio