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HT About this page widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Displays ownership and date information for a page.   Work in progress for realtime updates. This works on modern browsers but having trouble with older versions of IE.

HT Events widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Displays forthcoming events. You can choose how many events to display and whether to show thumbnail images.

HT Favourites widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

This plugin allows you to add a widget to display an “Add to favourites” button. It will only display if people are logged in. You can then add a widget …

HT Feature blogposts widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Use the feature blogposts widget to highlight new blogposts. You can set the freshness period so that older posts will not be displayed.

HT Feature news widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Lists news posts in date order. There are 4 options for the image format; a full-column-width photo (large), a letterbox size photo (medium), a thumbnail or no photo. You can …

HT Feedback widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Displays a Gravity Forms form using a sliding reveal when the heading is clicked. You’ll need to know the ID of the form that you want to use.

HT How do I? widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Displays a search form for searching tasks and guides.

HT Most active widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Lists popular pages fresh from your Google Analytics account. You can configure the number of days to trail (include results from the previous X days) and the cache interval (how …

HT Most recent widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Displays latest content from across the intranet. You can configure how many items to show, which types of content and whether to show pages again when they are updated.

HT Need to know widget  Guide (Manage widgets)

Displays a list of news stories that have been flagged as “need to know”.  You can change the title of this widget, and the amount of stories to show. Use …