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About  Guide (Available templates)

After the main content, this template lists children pages in blocks with a linked heading and excerpt. By default the template displays 4 columns and there is an option to …

Aggregator page  Guide (Available templates)

The aggregator template allows you to build custom pages based on the homepage layout of columns. The template was originally designed to showcase teams, and it includes several options for …

Available templates  Guide

Information on templates in the GovIntranet theme.

Blog  Guide (Available templates)

Displays a paginated list of blog posts. Picks up the Blog landing widget area in the sidebar.

Change a page layout  Task

Use the Page Attributes panel to change the template of a page.

Document finder (Plugins)  Guide (Available templates)

The document finder displays a paginated list of documents that have been categorised in the media library. You can filter the list by category and document type. Available via the …

Events  Guide (Available templates)

There are two templates for events; Events page Shows only future events. Past events are automatically put into draft status and do not appear in listings or search results. Events …

Full-width page  Guide (Available templates)

For pages that require a wide layout.

Hashtags (Plugin)  Guide (Available templates)

Displays a grid of cards for a chosen tag. Posts from news, news updates, blog posts and events will be displayed. Choose one tag and specify how many posts to …

Home  Guide (Available templates)

The desktop view contains the expandable widget areas shown above. There are plans to reuse column 3 bottom widget area for the How do I? page template. Please use column …